Are you an influencer, do you have over 30,000 followers and plan to visit Buenos Aires (Argentina) or Cuzco (Peru)? Are you interested in free accommodation? If what you're reading appeals to you, then go ahead! At Milhouse we understand the power of social media and the travel experience (and all the expenses it entails), and we'd love to team up with you! Follow these three easy steps to get free nights and stay with us!

Step #1

Make an Instagram feed post with the hashtags #milhousehostel and #besthostelsouthamerica, and tag 10 friends who are passionate about travel.

Step #2

We want to know about you! Tell us about your travel plans, how you heard about our hostels and why you are an ideal candidate to stay with us. As a requirement, please complete around 300 words.

Step #3

Send us a quick 30-second vertical video of you telling us what you enjoyed most about your stay at Milhouse, and why you would recommend others to visit us on their next adventure.

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