Milhouse Hipo-Modern and Trendy

Designed for the young and bold world-trotter

Milhouse Avenue-Price and Quality

Top-notch outings for the hype and stylish travelers

Milhouse Cusco-Ancestral character

Serenity, natural beauty and compelling history

Measures on Coronavirus outbreak

Due to the recent outbreak of CORONAVIRUS, Milhouse Hostels is taking special measures to ensure your safety and our staff's well-being. We are sorry to communicate we are temporarily closed to non-guests. We will not be hosting our usual parties and night-activities at the bar and our tours are momentarily cancelled. We are providing food and accommodations for our present guests and we encourage everyone at our hostels to use alcohol gel placed in common areas, which are also being regularly disinfected. We will support guests in need of self isolation. As a multicultural team of people that love travelling, Milhouse Hostels takes on the task of fulfilling dreams that involve new and enriching experiences far from home. We hope you can still make us a part of your travelling experience when conditions are safer for all of us.

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