Milhouse Youth Hostel - Activities

Spanish Lessons

Learning Spanish might not be easy but we will make it fun using a very dynamic method. Either in groups, pairs or individually, before you realize it you'll be speaking Español like a native!!!


Milhouse Youth Hostel - Activities

Tours Around Argentina

Travelling around Argentina is stunning but not always easy. We have a massive piece of land (we are the 8th biggest country in the world!!!), distances are huge and buses or planes do not depart every day. That's why our travel desk has specialized in optimizing your time and money. So just decide where you want to go and then let us organize it.


Milhouse Youth Hostel - Activities

Buenos Aires Day Tours

Make the most out of your time in town. Everyday we run a wide range of activities and you can book them in advance before they get sold out.

From Bike Tours to Tickets for Football Games, we can help you with everything going on in BA.


Milhouse Youth Hostel - Activities

Volunteering, a life changing experience

Argentina in general and Buenos Aires in particular are places of tremendous contrasts. From wealthy European style neighborhoods to massive shanty towns, everything can be seen and found. And Volunteering is the best way to get your hands on work and help the underprivileged people, those whose parents have never been able to afford a good education or even a hot shower.

For more info and bookings contact us at


You can make a big difference just by working with:


-Helping Single Mothers,

-Teaching English or Computers Basics

-and many other activities.

Volunteering is fun, rewarding and it will open your mind in such a way that after this trip you will never be the same person.

Milhouse Hostel – Bar

Work with Us!

Work Exchange placements are available in the areas front desk, housekeeping, bar, hostel promotion, administrative work. Placements are allocated by availability and order of priority for the hostel. By completing and submitting this application, you agree to be placed in any of these departments.

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